Recent Work

Todo App | {Code}

React | State Management | Class components

Todo app built with React. Users can add tasks, mark them as completed and clear from screen. Users can also search tasks by name.

CRUD app | {Code}

React | Node | Express

This app was built from scratch (Backend and Frontend). It allows users to add, read, update, and delete data. Tech stack used is React, Ant- Design, Node.js, Express.js

Rick & Morty Fan Page | {Code}

React | Axios | Functional components

This app renders some data from the Rick & Morty API. A list of characters is rendered and users can click on each one to see more detail. Users can also search a character by name.

Women's World Cup | {Code}

React | Recharts | Reactstrap | Custom Hooks(Dark Mode)

This project gets data from the Women's World Cup API and displays it in a table. Then it filters that same data and displays the top 5 women in a chart.

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